Referral Network

The Referral Network

The Referral Network web site allows people to join the network to activate their personal web page. They have login access to manage their page. There are automated systems that enable members to invite others, track activity and credit card processing.

The Referral Network is an online coalition of businesses and individuals. Members have a personal web page that can be used to promote services, get a job, hire employees, find a mate or any way one chooses.

Referral Network membership provides participants a promotional tool, make social connections or present services or products.

Membership is $10.00 per month. There are no additional costs or charges. Members have the option to participate in the Referral Program entitling them to receive a referral fee for introducing the network to others.

Members have full administrative control of the content on their web page and can log in to their account at any time to update or change their information. Security settings are available to members to provide the option to determine what information they want displayed on their page. For expample, a member may or may not want to display their address or phone number.

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